Get Out Amongst The People

This CD was recorded in 2018 at Subcat Studios in Syracuse, NY  

on the Record Records  label

Nate and Brian Modafferi


  The rock-infused sounds of Modafferi have been a long time in the making... 

Meeting as musicians in Count Basie’s Big Band Orchestra in the 1940s, the members of the band endured the hardships of the McCarthy investigation alongside the likes of Orson Wells and Leonard Bernstein. After trying to put the literal trials and tribulations of the national witch hunt behind them, Modafferi traveled to Woodstock, New York for a much need respite. There, during the 1960s and fueled by a new psychedelic perspective, they began work on the development of a small music festival to promote unity, peace, and love. 

The drugs of the 1960s paved the way to a new perspective in the 1970s as the members of Modafferi set down their instruments to head into the studio to mentor an up-and-coming English artist. Declan Patrick MacManus, known to the public as Elvis Costello. 

The band then sought exile from the drugs that fueled their experiences in the 1960s and 1970s. They moved to Minnesota for some fresh air where they teamed up with members of the Replacements for an impromptu concert to raise money to end the famine in Ethiopia. This concert would eventually go on to inspire the Live Aid concert series at Wembley Stadium. 

From Minnesota, the band moved south to Bellevue, Illinois. During this time they teamed up to write with a promising songwriter, Jeff Tweedy. These writings would form the groundwork for Tweedy’s later projects with the band Wilco. 

Now, after a ten-year hiatus to research artificial intelligence with Google and hiring a pathological liar to write their band biography, this band brings their unique sounds to Syracuse, New York and beyond. 


Label: Record Records

Genre: Blue-eyed Psychedelic Soul

Hometown: Syracuse, NY

Influences: Elvis Costello, Wilco, Neil Young, Gram Parker

Pictured:  (left to right) Bob Gunip, Brian Modafferi, 

Nate Modafferi, Ryan Heath and Tamaralee Shutt

The Incident - MODAFFERI

The Incident by MODAFFERI on the "Get Out Amongst The People" CD. 

Brian Modafferi - writer, lead vocals, guitar, bass Tamaralee Shutt - vocals, trumpet Nate Modafferi - drums Anthony Saturno - lead guitar Joe Frateschi - Saxophone  Record Records Label - Auburn, NY recorded at Subcat Studios, Syracuse, NY 13219


Brian Modafferi


Song Writer, Vocals, Guitar

Nate Modafferi



Tamaralee Shutt


Vocals, Trumpet, Melodica